Our Welcome Post

Welcome! We are Cheyenne and Christina. We hope that you follow us along on this health and fitness journey.  We are very passionate about being healthy but sometimes life consumes us and we lose ourselves a bit.  We have six foster children whom will soon be adopted.  We have been so busy in the last few years committing ourselves to everything except our health.  Well we are back and we are going to shred those pounds and build some muscle!  We will post daily our fitness plan from the days meals to workouts to mental challenges and outcomes. We hope to inspire other moms, dads, and individuals to take charge of their health and get back to feeling the best they can.

Our goal is to totally transform in the next 90 days.  We will strictly do this with diet and exercise.  We will get a youtube link up and running so you can visually see our workouts and meals and watch us transform.  If there is anything in this life we have total control over that is our health from the inside out!

Let’s do this challenge!!!


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