Day 2 Juice Recipe & Meals

Today was a super busy day for us so we actually only got one juice in today :/ not ideal but hey one is better than none right?! We started our day off with boring old black coffee again…I’m trying to adjust lol. My weaknesses would be dairy, bread and sugar so yeah this is a huge challenge. I love those Starbucks coffees but they end up in my mid-section so I’ve got to let go.  Anyways once I got home today from work we did our juice which is pictured above. This is a grapefruit based juice and very good and easy to get down.

Grapefruit Juice Recipe:

2 Grapefruit

1 Green Apple

6 oz of Blueberries

5 Medium Sized Carrots

1 inch of Ginger Root (peeled)

Wash all ingredients and run through the juicer. Stir and serve!

A few hours after the juice we ate a banana and off to football practice we went! Once we got back I started dinner. Now obviously we are not forcing our kids to eat like us (but we do encourage it) so we got a few pizza’s for them tonight. So here is where the mental challenge comes to play, ugh that pizza was making my mouth water and all I could think about was we were going to eat a plate of broccoli 😦 sounds awesome right? This is where mind over matter comes in. You’ve just got to say no! So here is our dinner pictured below, there is no recipe really I will just give you the ingredients.



Broccoli Dinner:


8 cloves of Garlic

Olive Oil

Baby Bella Mushrooms

Yellow Onion

Salad with tomatoes and cucumber

I sautéed the broccoli and mushrooms with the garlic and olive oil and some salt and pepper. That’s it! Pretty simple! It actually had good flavor and the broccoli was cooked just right not to soft not to crunchy.

For dessert we will be having cherries that we picked up at our local store, 2 oz of Aloe Vera juice and 1 tbs of probiotics.

That’s our day today! Tomorrow I will have a post on the first day work out. Hope you have a great night!

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