Day 2 of the Fitness Challenge Workout Plan Update

Ok so we have a plan on our workout routines and equipment that we will be using. Down below are pictures of the equipment. Our plan is a 4 day split mass routine work out and fill in with treadmill on some off days. This workout routine will shred fat while building muscle.

I am 5’2″ with a starting weight is 150lbs.  My goal weight is 125-130lbs.

Cheyenne is 5’9″ with a starting weight of 170lbs. His goal weight is 155lbs.

I will continually update our weights and progress.

Here is the equipment we are going to be using :

Picture 1 is Bowflex PR1000

Picture 2 is Steelbody Squat Rack and Bench

Picture 3 is Pro-Form Treadmill

I will be adding a youtube link so you can see the actual work outs and progress. Feel free to join us on the 90 day challenge! We’d love to hear and see your stories!

Check back shortly as I will have our days juice recipe and food menu.

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