Why Health starts at the Mental level…

Let’s just get real here…you can’t be healthy unless you are mentally healthy. This one area of health will plague you until you tackle it. You can work your body out as hard as you want day in and out but you will never find health’s total potential without working on your mind and soul as well. In the fitness world there is a ratio of 80 percent diet to 20 percent exercise, but mental health has to be in this ratio somewhere. The bottom line is mental and emotional health are what drive your physical success. 

We all know that motivation doesn’t come easy everyday. But what most of us don’t realize on those days we just can’t seem to get with it is it’s not physical. Something internally is preoccupying us. Our thoughts and suppressed emotions are creating resistance. If you are struggling with resistance in your life there is a good book to read called The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. This book will really put things into perspective for you. 

Trying to accomplish anything in your daily life can seem impossible if you are not on point mentally and emotionally. If you wake up and can’t even seem to get your bed made before you leave your house for work you are dealing with resistance. If you snooze your alarm and wake up thinking ugh I don’t want to tackle this day, you better start clearing out your cobwebs internally. 

Start asking yourself some serious questions:

Is this my ideal job?

Am I happy in this relationship?

Are there toxic relationships I need to get a handle on? (This can be friends or family)

Do I use substances more than I should?

What feelings do I not want to feel? Are there things from my past I need to finally deal with?

These are just a very few things that make people not operate to the fullest. We get so wrapped up in our daily lives that we go on auto pilot. We are taught that you must get up and go to work all day at least 5 Days a week putting time into for most of us bullshit jobs just to survive. This alone puts a cap on our mental and emotional health. Yes you might go to the gym and release some of that stress but you got to eliminate it all to get true health. 

Some of the healthiest people are people who don’t have a crazy workout plan and strict diet. They have what most of us lack and that’s healthy relationships from the relationship we have with ourselves to our family and friends. The most important relationship one can have is the one with yourself. You can’t give love and happiness without being happy and having self love.

No matter what you believe in one thing we can all agree on is we get one shot at this life so quit wasting precious time on things that don’t feed your soul. Your soul is your true self so start living from there. Even if you feel you can’t make big changes right of the bat start with little ones daily to slowly start to improve your overall health and happiness. You won’t regret it…

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