Day 10 Mom & Dad Fit For Life Challenge

Yes! Day 10 and one of my favorite days on the workout.  This one gives me the workout pump that so many of us love!  It’s like the little mini hulk comes out of you on Chest and Tricep day.  Here is today’s workout and link: Chest & Triceps: Bench Press : 3 sets… Continue reading Day 10 Mom & Dad Fit For Life Challenge

Mom & Dad Fit For Life Detox Soup

Here is a detox soup I like to make and have around for our family.  It’s delicious and I hope that you enjoy it! Detox Soup Ingredients: (serves 6-8) 1 tbs olive oil 1 yellow onion 2 carrots chopped 3 stalks celery chopped 1 bell pepper your choice red or green chopped 6 cloves garlic… Continue reading Mom & Dad Fit For Life Detox Soup

Bloody Mary Juice Recipe & Breakdown

Bloody Mary Juice Recipe (Virgin) 6 Tomatoes 2 Lemons 3 Stalks of Celery 2 Limes 1/2 tsp Worcestershire Sauce (optional) 4 drops hot sauce ( I Like Tabasco) Pepper to Taste Juice, stir and serve!     Both Juice Breakdowns: Cucumber: Cucumbers provide potassium, the essential mineral for muscle contraction, nerve transmission and fluid balance. Apples: Apples… Continue reading Bloody Mary Juice Recipe & Breakdown